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Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby will not carry out royal duties?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby will not be expected to carry out any official royal duties. It will be different from William and Kate’s children.

Recently, a royal expert has revealed that the new baby will be free from royal duties.

Meghan Markle is currently pregnant with Prince Harry’s first baby. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the news in October 2018. 

They revealed that their baby was expected in Spring 2019. In a statement released by Kensington Palace, the couple said they were “delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public”.

But, what about the new baby’s role in the family?

While a major part of the royal family, the new royal couple, Harry and Meghan’s baby will have a very different role than his/her cousins, George, Charlotte and Louis.

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In a documentary ‘When Kate Met Met William: A Tale Of Two Lives’, a royal expert, Imogen Lloyd Webber explained:-

“At the moment, Harry and Meghan are saying that they don’t want a title for their baby. As a result, this baby is unlikely to ever have his or her royal highness prince or princess title”.

Ms Webber added:-

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“And so, the baby will be expected to work for a living. There’s no chance that this baby will ever be a King or a Queen. The baby has so much more freedom than William and Kate’s children do”.

Ms Webber added how Meghan and Harry’s child “will not be expected when they get older to carry out full-time royal duties. George, Charlotte and Louis’ lives will be considerably different.

That is because they are all direct heirs to the throne. The three royal children are third, fourth and fifth to the throne, while Prince Harry is sixth.