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Meghan and Harry are looking at American schools for their kids?


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s children are going to grow up a little different from other royal children. They’re in the market for something more diverse.

Well, they will be 7th, 8th and so on in line to throne, after their father, Harry. But still, they will be having a different childhood then rest of the kids. 

One crucial way that this is going to occur is by the children’s births themselves. According to some reports, Harry and Meghan’s plans to deliver their baby is certainly not in the iconic and usual Lindo Wing. But somewhere else entirely because apparently, it’s not the cleanest spot in the entire world.

This is not all. This reasons go on.

Another way that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children are going to have a bit of a different upbringing is via the education they will be getting. That’s because they’re apparently not going to go to Eton College like all the rest of the young royals most likely have or will, in future.

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The Sunday Times reports that the parents-to-be, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have been looking at a number of American schools based in the United Kingdom as an alternative. One of the spots they’re apparently interested in is ‘ACS Egham’, formerly known as the American Community School.

A bit strange, isn’t it?

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Based in Surrey, the school has a majority of US students, followed closely by British. There are also a whole other 58 nationalities in there too. So, if it’s diversity the royal couple is looking for, it’s diversity they’re going to get for their children.

The school is also a mere five-minute drive from their soon-to-be home, Frogmore Estate. This means, it would be a handy enough spin in the mornings, for the family.