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Meghan Markle’s half-brother makes shocking demand to her before the wedding.


First, it was her half-sister, Samantha and now it’s her half-brother, Tom, making a demand.  He has called out for his own sons to be banned from Meghan’s wedding.

You guys must be wondering why?

All this because Tom has accused his sons and his ex-wife of trying to cash in on the Markle name. When asked Tom Markle about this, he said Meghan hasn’t seen his sons, Thomas and Tyler since they were babies. He also lashed out at his ex-wife, Tracy Dooley, saying that she ‘never wanted the Markle name’ before now.

The latest comments by Tom Markle will further embarrass Meghan ahead of her royal wedding in May 2018.

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Mr Markle told The Royal UK: “Tracy, my ex-wife and me stopped living as man and wife three months into the marriage because our relationship was such a huge disaster. She never wanted the Markle name when we were married. And now? Now, she suddenly acts like she’s still a part of the family”.

He added saying: “I don’t want her to do or to have anything with us and the boys shouldn’t go along with it as well. They shouldn’t be at her wedding either. Both the boys were always Dooley’s from the start. There was a point when I got sick of making the name an issue with Tracy and ultimately she had her own way. They’re Dooley’s, you cannot just pick when you’re a Markle”.

Tom and Meghan Markle share the same father, Thomas Markle.

Tom Markle divorced his ex-wife, Tracy back in the year 2000 and now he lives in Oregon with his fiance, Darlene Blount. His comments come after Tracy and his two sons appeared in a TV interview. There they said that Meghan’s romance was indeed a fairy-tale and they would be truly honoured to attend the wedding.

But Mr Markle says that it’s got to stop soon.

According to Tom: “The boys were babies when they met Meghan last and Tracy? She has never even met Meghan, ever. So, I don’t believe Tracy or my sons have the right to call themselves Markle’s”.

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“If at all this embarrasses Meghan? Then I am sorry, but Tracy can’t go on claiming to be a Markle. Tyler has been really strange to me since the news of Meghan and Harry’s relationship came out. It’s like the boys and Tracy have literally ganged up on me”.