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Meghan Markle is desperate to get pregnant, thinks Harry will be a great father.


While Meghan Markle is not as talkative as her father, she is hinting to her family members that Prince Harry is the perfect husband and will be a great father.

The Duchess of Sussex has confessed that she is desperate to be pregnant with her first child.

According to a Palace insider:-

“The new royal bride, Meghan loves children. And she sees the way Harry is with his niece and nephews. She is confident that he is ready for the biggest job of his life”.

“Meghan hasn’t just been raving about what a great husband Harry is, she loves to talk about how great he will be as a father, when the time comes”.

Being pregnant is on her mind non-stop these days.

And now that she‘s started wearing all these looser fitting clothes with higher waists, it’s got her friends buzzing. And that’s because they know that’s not her usual choice when it comes to her style.

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The source also added: “None of her friends would dare ask her if she‘s pregnant though. That’s the kind of thing that would really bother her”.

“She’s got to be so careful about the information she shares, and no one wants to upset her and risk getting cut off. But, all her friends are talking about it and hoping that it happened because they know how badly she wants it”.

A friend of the couple says:-

“The first few months of marriage have been even better than Harry imagined. He falls more in love with his wife as each and every day passes by”.

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“Honestly, Harry is so incredibly happy. After the initial post-wedding craziness, they are now finally settling into everyday life. And they are starting to get their rhythm as a married couple”.