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Meghan Markle just deleted her all social media accounts. Here’s why?


There are a lot of things that are changing for Meghan. It’s like her world is turning upside-down. But, not for long. She will soon settle in.

All the royal watchers will now have to follow a new set of pages and account instead.

About nine months after shutting down her lifestyle blog, ‘The Tig’, Meghan has erased another part of her digital presence. She has deactivated her once lively Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Why?

Well, it’s in advance of her upcoming royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Her this particular move fell exactly in line with her certain transition from Suits star to the future royal. Meghan has always been a girl who has been posting frequently about her home, dogs, travel, and activism. But now, she had shared less and less as her relationship with Harry grew.

Kensington Palace gave a statement a few days back.

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“Ms Meghan is indeed grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years. But, she has not used these accounts for some time now”.

Her on-goings will instead find a digital home on palace’s own set of accounts.

The professionally managed Kensington Palace’s pages take into account of the appearances and news of both her fiance and soon-to-be in-laws, William and Kate.

The removal of personal responsibility might turn up as a relief for Meghan.

Besides not worrying about royal rules, she can ignore the work of replying and re-tweeting or even a backlash. But social media isn’t the only thing she will be saying goodbye to.

Besides ending her show and moving to London, Meghan’s expected to become a British citizen. This would mean that her American citizenship will end there and then. She would no longer be known as an American but a Britisher.

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Meghan previously shared that: “I don’t look forward on giving up anything. I just see it as a change. It’s a new chapter of the book called life”.