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Why Meghan Markle is considered more of a celebrity than Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton

The idea of what makes a celebrity nowadays is a lot more complicated at a time where anyone can be famous through a social media account. 

Being a royal in the 21st century is not just anything. It’s just like being a celebrity, that too 10 times over if not a caged animal.

Well, you can say this about the British royals anyway. Many royals in the world are there, who don’t get even a tenth of the attention, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan now receives. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate learned to deal with some of this early before she came into the royal family.

Now, it’s come down to the law of averages on determining her celebrity status.

With Meghan Markle now overshadowing Kate in paparazzi hysteria, which one can we really be called a celebrity? A certain aura persists in those who’ve lived life as a Hollywood celebrity. Generally, more people know about their backgrounds because of information always being immediately available through various celebrity sites.

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Most celebs are also active on social media. You can even scope out their celebrity status based on how they dress and present themselves. Meghan Markle encompasses a lot of these traits. And these are evident from the minute she entered the British royal family.

One of the most unexpected traits came from Meghan being such a tireless worker. We all forget that when you’re an actor, you have to hustle in the business to keep your career sustained. Mother-to-be no doubt acquired this work ethic from being forced to keep going and make a name for herself, even while working in Suits.

The difference between a celebrity and a British commoner.

The difference between a celebrity and a British commoner is obviously a galaxy apart. This isn’t to say Kate Middleton and Meghan aren’t alike in what they’ve experienced. Consider Kate had to deal with paparazzi the instant she started dating Prince William in the mid-2000’s.

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She might have even created her own level of strategy to throw paparazzi off the trail. Having this similarity may have Kate and Meghan’s relationship a lot more simpatico than the media warrants. Still, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some more distinctions with the two royal brides. Living in L.A. is a whole other life from the commoner village world of Chapel Row in England.

Meghan brought a bit of Hollywood sensibility to royal protocol.

If you have to find the biggest difference in the Duchess of Sussex’s celebrity stature, it’s in what she wears. And most importantly, how she presents herself to the cameras. We’ve already seen evidence of Meghan’s stunning designer wardrobe, she isn’t afraid to wear.

She’s also more apt to stay transparent and act natural when talking to media rather than presenting the ageing British stiff upper lip. You can’t help, but think Kate is inspired by this. That also includes being relieved that the new bride took away a bit of the media pressure the former went through a decade ago.