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Meghan Markle breaks royal protocol taking a snap.


It has been a few days since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have started on their royal tour to Australia. The tour is going very well, except a thing or two.

On her first official royal tour, Meghan Markle disregards the royal rules.

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She disregarded the protocol as she posed for a snap with a little girl who looks just like her.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has been known to break royal protocol before.

Some rules she has broken are closing her own car door, wearing a cross-body bag and publicly displaying affection towards Prince Harry. And now, she’s done it again by taking a snap with a fan in Australia.

The Duke of Sussex, Harry was chatting to a little girl during a walkabout in Sydney when he asked her if she would like to meet his wife.

When she enthusiastically said yes, Harry beckoned Meghan over and the two shared a heartfelt moment. It was then, that found out that they bear a similar resemblance to each other.

About that pretty little girl.

According to some reports, the little girl is nine-year-old Sethunya Gibbons. Her grandmother is the one who pointed out their similarity, saying to the Duchess of Sussex that:-

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“We feel she looks a bit like you”. To which Meghan Markle replied: “I was literally about to say the same thing”. The 9 year-old girl wore a t-shirt bearing the slogan, “Girls Can Do Anything”, which being a proud feminist, Meghan was a big fan of.