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How Meghan Markle’s body language has changed since she’s joined the royal family?

Body Language

Ever since Meghan joined the royals, there’s been a drastic change in her style. She’s still channelling the casual vibe she had. 

Turns out, Meghan’s body language has also changed from her early days as a celebrity.

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Here, Traci Brown, body language expert, takes a look at how her body language has evolved.

Becoming more comfortable.

Brown says: “The most striking thing I noticed in these pictures is how much more comfortable she is in her skin. In the past, when we actually look at her pictured alone, there’s always a smile on her face”.

“This clearly shows she’s comfortable in the spotlight. But, when she’s with Prince Harry, that smile is more relaxed. Meghan is more engaged and having an easy time sharing this much bigger spotlight with him”.

A less forward posture.

“In some of her early solo shots, we can see her standing with her legs crossed. This is a common way we see starlets posing”. The question is, why?

“Well, it creates a look where their hips look a little more accented. Time will tell if Meghan continues to avoid this posture”. Though, she also noticed that Meghan is now taking a more conservative approach to posing with her hands across her body.

Showing attachment.

Meghan’s gestures also suggest she has a closer and more intimate relationship to her fiance, Harry than she did with some of her other celebrity pals.

Brown says: “In group pictures, we see her very attached to Harry. She’s always got her hand on him. It’s way more than the those casual connections we see in other pictures with her friends”.

Learning royal etiquette.

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“That’s more royal etiquette. She could very well be adopting that as more of a royal shift in body her language”. According to our research, women in the royal family must keep their legs and knees together while sitting. But, crossing your legs at the ankle is acceptable.

Adapting to her environment.

Brown notes that when Meghan is put in a certain and more serious situation, she’s great at adapting her body language to reflect her surroundings.