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Meghan Markle’s birthday has a very special meaning for the Queen.


Meghan has managed to prove herself as a true royal in the eyes of Queen Elizabeth. And now, her birthday holds a special place in the Queen’s heart.

 A birthday is a pretty big deal, let alone celebrating that day as a new member of the royal family.

So, spare a thought for the Duchess of Sussex this weekend, who has the above to contend with. And also the fact that her birthday coincides with a super special day for the Queen.

Meghan Markle is set to celebrate her 37th birthday on Saturday, August 4 August.

Rather than having a surprise party or garden drinks at the local pub, the Duchess of Sussex will spend her day at the wedding of Harry’s childhood friend, Charlie Van Straubenzee with and Daisy Jenks.

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However, Meghan also shares her date of birth with a very important member of the royal family and certainly important Queen Elizabeth.

It’s the Queen’s late mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.

The Queen Mother who passed away in March 2002, was born on the same day as Meghan in 1900. This very year would have marked her 118th birthday.

Last year, the former American actress celebrated her birthday on an African safari with Prince Harry. But, this time she will have to share her special day with her beau’s best friend.

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Harry and Charlie have been friends since they attended Ludgrove Prep School in Berkshire together as children. In fact, Charlie has asked Harry to serve as his best man. The wedding is set to take place in Churt, Surrey.

Charlie and his older brother, Thomas, were also reportedly part of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding party in May. Thomas is even one of the godfathers to Princess Charlotte.

According to some special reports, Charlie roasted his best friend in his wedding speech at his royal wedding on 19 May at Frogmore House.