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Why Meghan has adopted a much more casual style than Kate Middleton?


Meghan Markle has been watched at each step since she was engaged to Prince Harry. From her hair to her body language, everything has been judged upon.

Her personal style has remained one of the largest talking points as she is doing things she wants them to.

Instead of adopting a more traditional approach to royal occasions just like Kate Middleton’s pleated midi skirts, Meghan has kept things decidedly more casual with her day wear.

She is preferring jeans, cross-body bags and a messy bun as her emerging signature looks. But, there must be a reason to it. Don’t you guys think? 

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But, what’s it all about?

It was pretty clear that Meghan would be doing things her own way. Unlike Kate, who met William when she was 18. A college student and has spent her entire adult life in the public eye.

While, Meghan met her fiance at 34 when she already had a thriving acting career and a life of her own. She wouldn’t be bowing to any unnecessary formalities unless it’s absolutely required. 

Some reports also suggests that there could be more to her rather breezy fashion choices.

Lucas Armitage told The Royal UK: “It’s not uncommon for brides-to-be to play things low key in the run up to the big day. With Meghan, usually high fashion style game showing signs of wavering, even more anticipation is building for the royal wedding”.

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It’s all part of a more elaborate plan to make more of a mark on her May 19 wedding day.

The former American actress joined her other half at the UK trials of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games in Bath, England, on Friday. Meghan opted for a waterfall coat, a pair of boot-cut Mother jeans and an event t-shirt. She finished off her look with a pair of round toe boots.