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Meghan Markle wore a gold ring that Prince Harry gave her


Things are seeming to be getting serious between Meghan and Prince Harry. The Suits star has been spotted wearing a gold band on her finger. Meghan is proving that her relationship with Prince Harry is more serious than ever, by refusing to remove a gold ring her Royal beau gave her

According to the reports, Markle’s thumb ring is the latest in the list of gifts that Prince Harry has given her. She has been spotted regularly wearing a gold arrow ring, which many believe has the letter ‘H’ engraved on it.

The fans of the couple await an official announcement. Though it’s clear that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still extremely close and serious about one another.

When Meghan Markle came back from Texas, she was noticeably wearing one particularly pretty gold band ring. According to the reports, the ring was given to her by her boyfriend, Prince Harry.

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Prince Harry just gave Meghan Markle a gold ring.

It’s not the first piece of jewelry Prince Harry has given to her girlfriend, Meghan. He started the jewelry gifts with a blue and white bracelet, which Meghan wears on her left hand. Even Prince Harry has a matching one which he wears on his right hand. He also bought her a Cartier Love bracelet, which costs $6,389 and is locked onto the wrist with a screwdriver. Which also means it’s a sign of commitment when someone give it to their partner.


It has been observed that, Markle feels close to Prince Harry when she wears jewelry from him and he is very keen on symbolic gestures. Prince Harry has given all his girlfriends love tokens, especially bracelets. But giving Meghan Markle a ring is quite a serious upgrade from beaded bracelets. Meghan often takes it off while filming but rushes to put it back on afterwards.

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It is clear that the ring has a lot sentimental value and that she finds it very hard to be separated from Prince Harry.

So will the wedding bells be on the edge for the pair? Who’s to say. However, given the fact that Queen Elizabeth approves of the match, including Markle’s recent attendance at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception, we’d say the answer is most likely yes.



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