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What it’s really like making hats for the Queen? How are they made?


After years of designing and making hats, in the year 2006 Rachel Trevor Morgan’s life changed forever in all prospects. Wondering why is that?

Well, we have all your answers right here.

That was the year the London-based milliner began making hats for Queen Elizabeth, before being appointed as monarch’s official hat maker and given a Royal Warrant in 2014.

Rachel Trevor Morgan said in a interview:-

“Obviously, being appointed to make hats for Her Majesty was a pretty big moment for me. I do very much feel that was an enormous achievement and having made that, I’m extremely happy”.

However, the mother and a successful businesswoman says it doesn’t mean she can just coast along, telling:-

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“You’re always striving to do better, keep your designs relevant and move forward. So I suppose you can never quite sit back and get complacent”.

For each item Morgan designs for the Queen there is a process that is to be followed.

However, the milliner won’t divulge too much on the specifics, only to say it’s a collaboration with the royal dressmaker, Stewart Parvin. She said:-

“When I’m designing hats for Queen Elizabeth, I liaise with her couturier. Then I see the fabrics and what she’s going to wear and then design the hat around that”. 

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This is not it. Well, there is still more to the story.

Morgan’s designs have not only been worn by the 92-year-old reining monarch, but also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. In fact, the other members of the royal family have also worn.