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Why Prince Louis’ Christening date is very important to Queen Elizabeth?


Prince Louis, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, will be christened on July 9th—and the date has very special significance for his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

July 9th coincides to be an important date in Queen Elizabeth’s history. It marks a meaningful anniversary.

On July 9, 1947, Elizabeth (who was still Princess Elizabeth at that time), announced to the nation and the whole world that she was engaged. She was engaged to Philip Mountbatten (now known, of course, as Prince Philip). Following royal tradition, the couple released an official engagement portrait to commemorate the special day.

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While it’s likely that all of the key members of the royal family will be in attendance at the joyous occasion, The Mirror points out that the date is already of extreme importance to Queen Elizabeth II.

Here they are, looking very much in love:

Therefore, unexpectedly Prince Louis, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren, will be christened on the anniversary of her engagement announcement.

The Mirror also reports that Elizabeth and Philip were actually secretly engaged for a year prior to their official announcement, which was when they released an engagement portrait in which they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Elizabeth and Philip announced their engagement 71 years ago, making this particular anniversary very impressive. The Queen’s love story with her husband endured several decades. They can also witness their beloved great-grandchildren get christened on the very day they made their special announcement all those years ago.

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The venue of Prince Louis’ christening, the Chapel Royal of St. James’ Palace in London, also happens to be where Meghan Markle reportedly was baptized prior to marrying Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex converted to the Church of England ahead of the royal wedding on May 19.