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Diana exclusive: A look back at Princess Diana’s stunning jewels.


Princess of Wales, Diana wasn’t famous for her love of bling. She was famous from the moment she said ‘yes’ to Prince Charles’ proposal. From there, doors were opened to a calendar of jewel-strewn Royal events.

Over the past years, Diana blended the Royal tradition with her own flair. She created some of the most iconic looks of the modern British Royal Family.

The Royal UK has rounded up some of the most incredible pieces from Princess Diana’s jewellery box. Most of them, she left in her will to Prince William and Prince Harry. It specified that they were to be worn by their future wives.

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This tiara was first owned by Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mary. It is made from 19 pearl drops and assorted diamonds that all came from pieces of jewellery given to her as wedding presents. Queen Elizabeth inherited the tiara, and only wore it once in public. Then she gave it to Diana as her wedding present. Diana wore it on many occasions.

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