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Keira Knightley attacks Kate Middleton’s post-birth appearance.

Keira Knightley

Surprised to hear this? Well, we were too, indeed. Knightley recounts her own experience and accuses the Duchess of Cambridge of hiding the reality of childbirth.

The actress called Kate Middleton out in a new essay.

Keira Knightley has accused the royal mother of three, Kate of masking the bloody and screaming reality of childbirth following her polished appearances hours after delivery.

It’s huge coming from Keira.

The British actress reportedly gave birth to daughter Edie a day before Kate had her second child, Princess Charlotte, in the year 2015.

In an essay entitled, “The Weaker Sex”, published in feminist collection: ‘Feminists Don’t Wear Pink’. Knightley recounted in graphic detail her own birth experience and how it all appeared to differ from the royal’s.

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Keira said:-

“She was out of hospital seven hours later with her face made up and high heels on. It was a face, the world wants to see. Hide our pain, our bodies splitting, our breasts leaking, our hormones raging”.

“Look beautiful, look stylish, don’t show your battleground, Kate”. 

The royal’s flawless appearance shortly after the birth of her three children has stirred debate online. While some are praising her about the quick turnover and others are saying she was setting unrealistic expectations for women.

Knightley wrote:-

“Seven hours after your fight with life and death, seven hours after your body breaks open, and bloody, screaming life comes out. Don’t show and don’t tell”.

“My vagina split. You came out with your eyes open. Arms up in the air. Screaming”. They put you on to me, covered in blood, your head misshapen from the birth canal”.

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“You latched on to my breast immediately, hungrily, I still remember the pain. That mouth clenched tight around my nipple, light sucking on and sucking out”.

Knightley’s swipe at Kate Middleton comes after she revealed she had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. That’s because she struggled with the pressures of fame at a young age.