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Kate and William have a very sneaky way of avoiding royal photographers.


Members of the royal family attend a lot of official engagements. And they always have their photo taken at these events as well as when they’re out and about. 

The official royal photographers share behind-the-scenes information.

There’s no escaping the paparazzi and understandably, they could get a bit sick of having a camera thrust in front of them all the time. 

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It comes as no surprise then that they have devised a specific way of dealing with it. Prince William and Kate Middleton, in particular, having a specific coping mechanism.

They simply avoid looking directly at the camera.

They try and fix their gaze anywhere other than the lens. To be fair, you could see how this might work especially when they’re always in such a hurry.

So, could they be on to something? The royal source explained:-

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, by comparison, go out of their way not to look at the fixed point where photographers gather”.

This royal insider even went so far as to describe the younger royals. He described Kate and William, Harry and Meghan, as acting like “control freaks” when it comes to media coverage.

The royal source also says that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are significantly more relaxed by comparison.

In fact, a few of the royal reporters are said to favour the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla when it comes to choosing a favourite royal with one royal correspondent saying:-

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“She’s my favourite royal, by a country mile. Camilla Parker Bowles knows all our names, she fosters a sense that w’’re all in this together”.

We’re still going to take all this speculation with a pinch of salt though. And that’s because they’re entitled to gaze wherever they want when it comes to having a photo taken.