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Kate Middleton and Prince William hide this surprising thing about their relationship.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate have a very special relationship. However, there is one key thing about it that the public does not see.

Well, if you look at it carefully, the observation seems obvious. But, it is also a little surprising since Kate and William are not into displays of fun.

Behavioural Psychologist Ms. Hemmings said during an interview that Kate and William have more fun than might be obvious to observers. Well, this is something of a new thing that has come up about the royal couple. She said: “It’s a very respectful relationship. There’s a lot of fun in it, but we don’t always see the fun”.

Hemmings added that Kate already comes off like a Queen whilst married to the second-in-line to the throne.

“Often the Duchess of Cambridge is teasing him, he takes it on the chin. She’s adapted to that regal pre-Queen role already. It’s pretty good. And they’re not particularly tactile, but there’s that look. The couple just seem genuinely happy together”.

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Ms. Hemmings was apparently discussing their relationship with royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, historian Kate Williams. The observation went further with Ms. Hemmings claiming that the Duke of Cambridge, William apparently enjoyed more privacy in his romantic life than his brother.

And, why would that be?

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Well, that will be because he met his future wife at the university. There was a media ban on the boys during the time of their education. So, the proud parents of three royal children, Prince William and Kate Middleton like to have fun too. It’s always good to know that even the royals, in-spite of having heavy schedules like to have fun.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan have dominated the media with their upcoming baby. And the soon=to-be mother, just had a baby shower in New York City which looked like a lot of fun. Now that they are in the same family, maybe Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan will spend time together along with their kids and they’ll both have fun.