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What will Kate Middleton wear to Harry and Meghan’s wedding?


Kate Middleton’s style has been an iconic style. It’s pretty much a style which will always be remembered. Her style has inspired not only Britain, but the world.

Well, looking at her memorable style, we have some options she would go for at Harry’s wedding.

Believe it or not, there was once a pre-Meghan Markle era when only Kate’s nontraditional royal fashion choices were in the spotlight. From the day she married Prince William, Kate has taken a more conservative approach with her style. 

Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding is quickly approaching. Here are the few ideas about what the Duchess of Cambridge may choose to wear.

The Dress Style: Knee-Length.

Kate is expected to give birth to her third child before the wedding. So, we’re narrowing in on her pre-pregnancy wardrobe in which knee-length dresses dominated the her outfits. 

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There’s a slight chance that she opts for a pantsuit instead of a dress. But, considering she’s worn a dress to almost every other wedding we’re betting on a knee-length one-piece.

The Shoe: A Low Pump.

Even royals need their fair share of foot comfort. Especially, if you will be busy all day with wedding festivities. Harry and Meghan are set to have at least two different receptions.

So, there will be a lot of standing. We think the neutral two-three inch heels Kate tends to favour, should work perfectly.

The Accessory: A Fascinator.

Like it or not, but a fascinator is a must for royals on weddings. It’s a royal tradition that has transformed itself into a major fashion obsession. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate wears them often. This is why, it’s certain that we will see her in a fascinator. 

The Handbag: A Clutch.

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Kate Middleton hasn’t been spotted with any hand-bag but a clutch ever. She typically goes for a narrow envelope clutch which has the same colour scheme as her outfit. But, she will only carry a clutch, if at all she wants to. If Kate decides not to carry one, she’ll go hands-free.