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Will Kate Middleton be given the title of Queen when Prince William is crowned King?


There is speculation as to whether William and Kate will be given the title of King and Queen of England? Will William be crowned instead of Prince Charles? 

Well, there is a lot to consider before taking all these decisions.

Kate Middleton has been a great inspiration and all time favourite since she joined the royal family. She is also credited with rejuvenating support for the monarchy.

Although, there is no doubt that she is far more popular than any senior members of the family. But, that doesn’t mean she will be known as Queen when Prince William eventually becomes king.

The Duchess of Cambridge will become Queen Consort when William will be crowned King.

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When Prince William ascends to the throne on the death of his father, Charles he will be bestowed the new title of ‘King William of England’. But, the rules of succession means that when Prince William becomes the reigning monarch, Kate will not become Queen.

She must officially only be called Queen Consort. Must be wondering why?

Well, that’s because she married into the royal family and was born into it. Her title is expected to become Queen Consort Catherine. Though it’s certain that unofficially, she will be known simply as Queen Catherine or Queen Kate.

Not only Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall will face it too. 

When Camilla’s husband, Prince Charles takes the throne, she will not be known as Queen Camilla. She will be rather granted the new title Queen Consort.

Kate is credited with bringing the royal family back into relevance.

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The interest was particularly built up among the younger generation. Kate and Prince William rejuvenated interest in the royals when they began dating in the year 2003. Their fan base has grown when they married and welcomed Prince George in 2013 and Princess Charlotte in 2015.