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Kate will share her baby news like a cool mother, not a royal mother.


The royal family is going to have a hectic spring. The royal crew is getting ready for the wedding of Harry and Meghan and for welcome William and Kate third baby.

William and Kate’s third child is expected to come into the world any day now.

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He or she will be warmly welcomed by the entire world. And, it will be in the most millennial way ever: on Instagram. According to our reports, after the birth, Kensington Palace will follow strict protocol steeped in tradition. 

What exactly will happen?

After the Duchess of Cambridge delivers the baby, she and Prince William will be given several hours of privacy to bond with their new little one. The family members, including Queen Elizabeth, will then be notified of the birth.

Next, an email announcement will be sent out about the birth. This will be the time the palace will confirm if William and Kate welcomed a baby boy or a baby girl.

After the email, an official announcement will also be posted to an easel. It will provide more information about the baby, such as the time of birth and his weight.

Now comes the amazing part.

Just to keep things cool and millennial, the palace will share all of this detailed information in an Instagram and Twitter post. Just like they did with the birth of Princess Charlotte.

Few hours after the birth will be announced, William and Kate will be expected to exit out the steps of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital. There, they will stand for a few moments to take pictures with the media. 

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However, for learning the new baby’s name, the public will have to wait a bit longer.

With both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the couple waited a full two days before revealing their names. Many people around the globe are already betting on royal baby names anyway. So far, the odds are favouring Mary for a girl and Edward for a boy.