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Will Kate Middleton be Queen? This is what Duchess’ title will be when William will be King.


Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William. He is currently second in line to the throne. This means it is likely he will one day be the King of England.

But, when this happens, William acquiring the British throne, what will Kate’s new title be? And most importantly, what will she have to do?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in April 2011 after they began dating in 2003. Since then, they have gone on to have three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. After Prince Charles, it will be Prince William’s turn to take the throne. It is likely that William will one day take to the throne, but what will happen to Kate?

What will her title be?

When she got married nearly eight-years-ago, Kate was given the title of the Duchess of Cambridge. She will be granted a new title when William becomes King. But, she could never become the Queen. Why? This is because the title of Queen is reserved only for those who are monarchs by their birthright.

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Instead, she will be given the title of ‘Queen Consort’. It is given to the wife of a ruling King. And she will have her own coronation too. Now, there is this one big question that still lies unanswered.

What will Kate Middleton have to do?

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Alongside her new title, she will be given more responsibilities as she will share the King’s social rank and status. Although technically, she will not be having the same political power. Duchess Kate will have her own coronation to welcome her into this role.

It will basically be a less grand version of Prince William’s coronation, according to the official royal website. Since Kate entered into the royal family, she has appeared with William as he has carried out royal duties. She has also represented the royals at events on her own.

It is believed the Duchess of Cambridge will most likely continue to do this. And, she will be appearing next to the Duke of Cambridge on official duties when he becomes King.