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Kate Middleton’s first school crush ended up becoming this famous actor!


It turns out that William wasn’t the first dashing gentleman that Kate had her eyes on. Well, this is for the first time we are hearing about it.

It’s reported that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate got her heart broken by a boy in fourth grade who goes by the name of Andrew de Perlaky. 

Kate starred alongside Andrew in their school production of My Fair Lady. She was playing the lead of Eliza Doolittle. The royal fell head over heels for her co-star according to the royal biographer, Katie Nicholl. Katie wrote about Kate’s first love in her book: ‘Kate: The Future Queen’.

She wrote:-

“Andrew played the role of Freddie, who falls for Eliza. But, she rebuffs him. There was a twist of irony to the tale. In real life, Kate had quietly fallen for Andrew, the blond-haired, blue-eyed chorister with the voice of an angel”.

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“Andrew was the best-looking boy in her year. And Kate had gotten to know him well as they were both in the school choir. But, sadly for her, Andrew was already ‘dating’ her friend, Fiona Beacroft”. 

And it seems Kate’s taste in men is just a class of its own, as Andrew went on to take the name Andrew Alexander and is now a famous actor. He is mainly known for his role as Sir John Bullock in series four of Downtown Abbey.

Andrew later confessed that he always knew Kate had a crush on him.

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“It was quite funny because it was passed on to me. Well, it happens at school, that Catherine liked me. She never told me that herself, she didn’t have the confidence”. 

Continuing, Andrew gave an insight into Kate Middleton growing up in the book. He noted her as always being reserved. He said: “I do remember we would go off to the woods to play spin the bottle.

“We even staged pretend marriages and had a quick kiss. However, Catherine was never a part of all that. She was on the outskirts and much shier than the other girls”.