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Kate Middleton handles wardrobe malfunction like a true Duchess.


Duchess of Cambridge handles wardrobe malfunction in the best possible way. Kate Middleton certainly knows how to handle things in order to avoid embarrassment.

The future Queen Consort proved that she’s just like one of us, during her royal visit, on Tuesday.

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She laughed off a wardrobe malfunction that we’ve all experienced at one point or another.

Kate, who is expecting to deliver her third child in April, arrived at the new ‘Action on Addiction’ centre in Essex. She was warmly greeted by a crowd of well-wishers who gathered see her.

Kate Middleton looked effortlessly stylish in her trusty blue coat by Goat. She has worn the same coat on several occasions since announcing her pregnancy — paired with sheer black tights and simple black courts.

But, not everything went quite to plan…

Her arrival was momentarily halted after she caught her heel in the grate of a drain just outside the building.

Fortunately, she didn’t lose her footing and, ever graceful under pressure, Kate simply laughed off. She let off the common fashion fail like a consummate pro.

To be brutally honest, Kate — we’re just amazed that you’re able to wear heels at all, while seven months pregnant!

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As the patron of the ‘Action on Addiction’ charity, the Duchess of Cambridge later revealed that it holds a ‘very special place’ in her life, and praised its work.

At the event, Kate Middleton was asked to say a few lines, she said:-

“It actually seems like a long time ago since I first got involved with this charity. I think it would be around six years ago, but they really have a special place for me. I will be saying the truth if I say this, it was really the starting of my learning particularly with now the development of mental health”.

“So ‘Action on Addiction’? You are very special to me, it’s great to be here and actually see the development of where the charity’s gone in the past years”.