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Kate Middleton upset with people due this one reason? Look what is it?

Kate Middleton

With the royal family, there is only one problem we feel. What title does a particular royal hold? And, specially with the title of Kate Middleton. 

But, we are here to help you out with it.

So, what do you think? What should she be called? Princess, Duchess, Her Royal Highness, or ma’am? This debate just goes on and on. She’s spent seven years married to Prince William. But, us commoners are still on the Great Kate Debate.

Is she Princess Kate or Duchess Catherine? Kate Middleton or Catherine Wales?

She was names Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. But, didn’t garner the nickname, Kate until adolescence. William refers ‘Catherine’ in speeches and so do other members of the palace.

On their wedding day, Catherine took on the female form of her husband’s title. That made her Princess William of Wales. That same day, Queen Elizabeth also bestowed the titles Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on them.

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Why isn’t she ‘Princess Kate’?

It was never officially Princess Diana and it will never be Princess Catherine or Kate. You only carry prince or princess before your name if you were born into the royal family. If you are not born with royal blood, you are not a Prince or a Princess.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all use it their entire lives. Unless, they become King or Queen.

What’s her last name now?

Members of the royal family today can go by their family dynasty. Historically, British monarchs were known by the names of the countries over which they ruled or their family dynasty. 

Her Majesty was born a Windsor. When, she married Philip Mountbatten, they gave their children the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. At birth, Prince William was also given the name Wales. As a student at Eton and St. Andrews, he was William Wales. 

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So, why is she still called Kate Middleton?

People search for “Kate Middleton” on average 823,000 times per month. The query “Duchess of Cambridge” gets used just 90,500 times in the same span. Publishers competing for views will strategically use whatever names people Google the most. 

It doesn’t hurt her that the press refers to her as Kate Middleton. It’s precisely her middle-class origins. Not to forget, that name which won her over to so many people in the first place.