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What is Kate Middleton’s ultimate royal mother hack for her kids?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton maybe a royal. But, when it comes to her kids, she is a mother just like the other mother is. Being a mother, to her kids, is something she likes.

And, her hard work as a mother, reflects in her children all the time.

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One day after attending the Trooping the Colour ceremony, Kate and her two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, went to cheer on Prince William at his charity polo match in Gloucester, England.

An onlooker at the polo match tells The Royal UK:-

“The Duchess of Cambridge, is a fantastic mum. She was calm with her two children. Kate Middleton actually let them have their head. At one point, she seemed to say to George and Charlotte, ‘First to the polo field is the winner!’”.

The royal mother, who recently welcomed her third born, Prince Louis, also used a tried-and-true technique for planning the rest of her day. Kate Middleton watched her kids and rooted for her husband while wearing a casual striped blue sun-dress from Zara paired with 3-inch espadrille wedges. 

This wasn’t all for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

George and Charlotte also ran around the field and played with their older cousin, Savannah Phillips. Savannah is the 7-year-old daughter of William’s cousins, Peter and Autumn Phillips.

To this the onlooker added: “Savannah sat with Princess Charlotte in her lap. She hugged her and balanced her on her knee. Charlotte also took notes from her older cousin as she attempted to do a head stand just like she did. This, gave Kate a laugh”.

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“Though, Prince George didn’t participate in the head stand action, but did entertain himself by playing with a rainbow slinky. And, despite the photographers, Kate didn’t get stressed about it”.

Neither did she pass that along to both her children. She let them play and actually let them get on with it. They were sliding down the hill and rolling on the grass all along”.