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This is how Kate Middleton is showing Meghan Markle the royal ropes.

Kate Middleton

Meghan has settled into her new royal life now. She has appeared at the annual Trooping the Colour and her first engagement with the Queen.

But something has recently been revealed about Meghan Markle.

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It’s now been revealed that it’s Kate Middleton who gave Meghan the first real pointers about her new role. As, Meghan is sub-consciously mirroring the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate in her actions. Also, the way she dresses.

According to body language expert, Judi James:-

“Meghan’s mirroring of Kate Middleton currently involves wardrobe and body language mimicry. And, this reflects a degree of submission to show a desire for rapport and team acceptance”.

“Well, in this respect we have the nude court shoes, the satellite hats and those small clutch bags held in front of the torso in a very signature ‘Middleton’ style”.

“By also mirroring Kate Middleton’s elegant two-handed clutch bag pose this could form a trio of body language techniques known as mirror- pace- lead. At this point, you mirror the other person to create rapport and empathy before ‘leading’ them into more strongly bonded displays of shared laughter or touch”.

The two Duchesses have enjoyed plenty of engagements together.

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And, one of the most memorable of all was when the ‘Fab Four’ stepped out for their first joint event in February 2018. It was to lay out their vision for the future of the Royal Foundation as a foursome. 

The pair assumed the same position as they chatted on stage. The Duchess of Sussex even touched on their differences, and how she saw them as a benefit to the foundation.