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Kate Middleton shares about her one fear in life.

Kate Middleton

Everybody has some or the other fears in their lives. Some are acknowledged about it, and some are not. While some work on it, and some doesn’t do anything.

But, Kate Middleton has to fight her fear and stop it from haunting her.

She may be the future Queen of England, but she doesn’t have complete reign over Prince William. Why are we saying this? Well, on reading below you will all get your answers.

During a recent trip to the annual motorcycle race called as ‘Isle of Man’, Prince William revealed that his wife, Kate wasn’t happy about his decision to go. The event is known for it’s difficulty and danger.

And, while two competitors were killed this year during it, it’s pretty much understandable where the Duchess of Cambridge is coming from. We can understand, Kate’s mindset right now on this.

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In an interview, Prince William said:-

“When I said I was going to the ‘Isle of Man’ for an official visit, Catherine said, Really?. I mean, I wasn’t gonna race, so there was nothing to be worried about”.

William obviously didn’t compete in the race. But, given his love of motorcycles, we get why Kate Middleton wouldn’t be thrilled.

Before William and Kate married each other, Prince William, was a big motorcycle fan. In fact, he was so much in love with his motorcycle that he was even seen going for a spin at night. And, guess what? It wasn’t just some other night, it was the night before they tied the knot.

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Earlier this year, William admitted that he gave up his motorcycle habit since having kids. And, also because it fills his wife with horror. Though, he did go on one other spin earlier this year when visiting Triumph Motorcycles.

During a 2015 visit to Dundee, Scotland, Kate admitted that she’s not a fan of motorbikes.

Kate Middleton was seen saying: “I hope my son just don’t take an interest in them. I’m terrified with this. Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it”. From the sound of things, William doesn’t ride motorcycles too often. But, when he does, Kate isn’t happy.