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Kate Middleton shared a secret no one knows, on a royal event.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was recently seen out attending a public engagement. However, this time, she was attended the engagement alone.

Kate Middleton visited the Lavender Primary School today in support of ‘Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week’. There, she met with local school children. 

At the engagment, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate arrived in a kelly green Eponine dress with black heeled lace-up boots. She was greeted by a choir of children singing to her and given a small bouquet of flowers and a posey, from one little boy. 

However, this engagement in particular was quite unique. 

Wondering how? Well, after the welcoming part was over, Kate Middleton was then taken inside. There, she was introduced to many children. Earlier, those children were given a task to bring a any thing or any object that made them feel happy. And so, each child present in the room bought some or the other thing, that made him feel happy.

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While this task was meant for the children, the Duchess of Cambridge too, took an interest in it. To our surprise, the royal mother of three, Kate Middleton brought a sweet photograph of her family.

Surprising, isn’t it?

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Indeed. Kate was seen bringing a cute picture of her family. That picture included her three children, George, Charlotte, Louis along with her husband, Prince William and herself. This photograph was also used as the Cambridge family’s official Christmas card this year. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is a royal patron of Place2Be since a long time now. Place2be is a leading children’s mental health charity. Mental health is a topic that is close to the royals’ hearts. And so, the younger royals, mainly Prince William ,Kate Middleton and Prince Harry put in their best efforts, when it comes to these charities.