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Royal Dilemma: Kate Middleton reveals UNDISCLOSED secret about her University days.

Kate Middleton

On a recent visit to University College London, Kate Middleton revealed a secret from her own college days. It was something we never could have guessed.

Kate Middleton attended St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland.

And apparently, she had a hard time deciding on a major. While visiting UCL’s Developmental Risk and Resilience Unit to learn more about how children develop socially and emotionally, the royal bride revealed her secret.

So, what’s the secret?

Kate Middleton, during her visit revealed that she’d actually started out at St. Andrews as a psychology major. The Duchess of Cambridge eventually settled on studying history of art. Although, she couldn’t initially decide between the two subjects.

She said:-

“I started off doing psychology at St. Andrews, with history of art. It was a bit full-on. However, it was interesting indeed”.

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It was an official engagement, that Kate Middleton had to attend.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate wore a maroon skirted suit by Paule Ka with a velvet hair bow. University staff showed the royal bride the MRI scanning facility. They also discussed what the facility is doing for young children’s mental health.

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There, the Duchess of Cambridge, was seen speaking with the university’s psychology department. She was looking completely enthralled in conversation about early childhood development.

It is wide-known that Kate Middleton has always taken a keen interest in the topic of mental health. She has been a longtime advocate for children’s and mental health charities.

And so, it should come as no surprise that she grappled with studying psychology. Or that she took such a special interest in her most recent engagement.