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Kate Middleton to make a public appearance this week. Look where will it be?

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton will join the rest of the royal family for a public engagement in the coming week. It’s been a month, since she gave birth. 

And now, the Duchess of Cambridge feels that it’s time and she should get back to her royal duties. 

Kate will be joining Queen Elizabeth at Trooping the Colour. This occasion marks the official birthday of the Her Majesty. Just like in previous years, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are likely to join their parents.

But what about the new baby prince?

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Still, Prince Louis is only weeks old, so he will most certainly, not be there at this huge occasion. And, once again the royal fans have to wait for his first public appearance since the birth. 

We all know that Trooping the Colour is a formal affair. And so, the men of the royal family are present in their military dress. Kate Middleton, along with the other women in attendance, will wear a hat. Well, that’s something she always does when at the event.

What cute thing that could take place?

Last year, the mother of three wore pink. And, in a cute touch, Princess Charlotte complimented her mother in a pink floral dress. The year, the Duchess stunned in a cream ensemble, with both of the children also in pale colours.

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A little known fact about Kate is just like the Queen, she also tends to wear block colours to official events. Why? Just to allow herself to stand out, and she is likely to do the same this year.

This very occasion will be the first Trooping the Colour, that Meghan Markle will attend. She will stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace alongside her husband Prince Harry. And, now that she is a part of the royal family, she is sure to be in a hat too.