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Kate Middleton just explained what it’s like being a “Princess”.


William and Kate’s two-day royal visit to Northern Ireland featured so many highlights. It included some rare PDA by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

And, during an official walkabout in Ballymena, the Duchess of Cambridge spent plenty of time talking to the crowd of fans who gathered to meet her.

According to Valentine Low, a journalist at The Times, one royal fan asked the royal mother of three what is being a princess like. And, the Duchess of Cambridge politely replied to the fan.

According to Valentine Low on Twitter:-

“This is Duchess of Cambridge telling Hannah what she likes about being a princess. Video courtesy of Bronagh Dobbin”. Low revealed that Kate Middleton stopped to talk to Hannah Ritchie in particular. As she found out that the schoolgirl was writing a biography about her.

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This is quite a sweet video of Kate Middleton interacting with a cute little girl.

In the video, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate explains that she loves, “meeting special kiddies like you. I meet lots of different people, it’s really really great. And, I love working with young people”.

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“Everyone’s so brave and strong in some of the places we go, to meet them. It’s very nice to meet you”. Kate finished her answer by saying, “Good luck with your biography”. Also, she was genuinely warm and supportive of the young fan’s work.

Well, there was one more question that was asked from Kate Middleton.

During the same trip, the Duchess of Cambridge was asked if she was considering having a fourth child. It was after expressing broodiness when meeting a sweet little fan.

According to People, she replied, saying: “I think William would be a little worried”. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are already parents to three kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.