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What is Kate Middleton planning to do with Prince George’s education?


If there’s one thing the young royals like to do, it’s breaking the royal traditional protocol. They often tend to opt for a fresh look on things.

And Kate Middleton is no stranger when it comes to just that.

In the latest word to circulate, it looks like the Duchess of Cambridge is planning to send her first born, George to one of the less expected schools for a royal.

This is something unexpected for a royal, isn’t it?

Prince William and Prince Harry attended Eton. It’s a privileged fee-paying school that costs thousands per term and produces many graduates which then go to university in Oxford and Cambridge. 

Many believed Prince George would follow in his father’s footsteps and attend Eton. However, it looks like a different plan could be in motion.

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What is the plan?

According to a royal correspondent, Rebecca English, it appears as though both William and Kate have plans to send George to Marlborough. 

Marlborough is equally a prestigious school. It costs £12,605-a-term. The British royals and their schooling choices seem to always surprise us all. 

A source spoke to The Royal UK saying:-

“Prince William and Kate Middleton surprised many with their choice of Thomas’s Battersea for George over more traditional royal schools. But they picked it because they felt it was the right fit for him, especially”.

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“They are very keen to allow little George to spread his wings as a child as much as he can. They won’t ever do what people expect them to do when it comes to their children. They just won’t compromise”.

Many believe Prince George may be set to attend Marlborough due to the incredible education his mother received there. Although, it was for a short period of time, but nothing has yet been confirmed.