Kate Middleton

6 Tricks Kate Middleton uses to look perfect in almost every picture

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is used to being photographed multiple times in a day while performing royal engagements.

Experts have revealed the tricks that Kate Middleton uses to look good in almost every photograph.

Kate Middleton’s savvy photogenic skills range from how she holds her head to how big she smiles to what she wears, and we did the analysis to pull the universal tips to keep in mind the next time you’re faced with a camera (or, more likely, an iPhone camera). Keep scrolling for the Kate Middleton-tried-and-tested tricks and to shop flattering styles she swears by.

1. The hands

Have you ever faced the dilemma of not knowing what to do with your hands in photos? The Duchess of Cambridge knows a cultured solution. She regularly carries a small purse or holds one hand in another one and gathers her hands in front of her. Pay attention to her hands: they’re relaxed and “light.” The palm of one hand just covers the wrist of the other.

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2. Sitting gracefully

Have you ever noticed the way Kate Middleton usually sits? She’s always elegant and graceful. Her sitting pose is known as the “duchess slant”. The main feature of this pose is that you don’t cross your legs at the ankle, you just bring the knees and feet together while tilting the ankles to the side. This pose was possibly inspired by Princess Diana.

Another well-known pose is the “Cambridge Cross” that Kate also likes to demonstrate.

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3. Colors and materials of clothing

As a rule, the Duchesses don’t mix many different colours. But neither Kate nor Meghan are afraid to combine bright colours with classic ones. They also like to accentuate their waists by wearing belts or straps.

4. Turning the shoulders to the camera

If you straighten your shoulders and turn them exactly to the camera, you’ll accentuate your waist and make your legs look longer and slimmer.

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5. Good posture

A straight and relaxed back and the chin parallel to the floor are tiny but extremely important features that give the women their elegant looks. It’s really complicated to have good posture while wearing high heels, but Kate deals with this challenge just perfectly with her legs and hips facing forward and an upright torso

6. Avoiding eye contact

Kate Middleton doesn’t usually look directly at the camera. In most photos, she looks to the side. Thus, all her photos look flawless, especially if they’re taken in motion.

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