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Kate Middleton was spotted out with Prince Louis. See when and where?

Kate Middleton

Now that it has been few weeks since Kate Middleton has given birth, she has taken few steps forward. She took her new-born, Prince Louis and Charlotte out. 

The Duchess of Cambridge took a stroll in Kensington Gardens near her home just days before the royal wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding will be the first official appearance of Kate since she gave birth. Anyone wondering how she is doing in the run-up to the royal wedding should have found themselves taking a walk in Kensington Park Gardens on Tuesday afternoon.

What was Kate doing in the gardens of Kensington Palace?

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Well, there the new mother was walking baby Prince Louis in an old-fashioned pram. Princess Charlotte was along her, and wore what appeared to be a dress she’s worn before.

She was wearing a pretty gingham brown sun-dress and sensible pumps. The Duchess of Cambridge, was hiding behind a pair of large black designer shades and hadn’t had her signature blow-dry.

This might have kept her from being noticed by either the public or the paparazzi, who were nowhere in sight. The family was accompanied by a nanny, Maria Borrallo, and three protection officers. They were enjoying the spring sunshine so much, that little Charlotte didn’t want to go home.

How do we know that?

Well, as Kate Middleton left the park, Charlotte tried to walk in the other direction. And Kate was seen saying: “No, come this way Charlotte”. And, the little Princess did as she was told to do.

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Catherine will make her first official public appearance since giving birth to Louis at the royal wedding. Ralph & Russo are tipped to be making Meghan’s wedding dress. 

However, the other rumour has it that Alexander McQueen, designers of Kate’s wedding dress as well as the gown she wore for sister, Pippa’s wedding, have been commissioned to make Catherine’s outfit for the big day.