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Kate Middleton has the cutest nickname for Princess Charlotte.


As we all already know, names given to royals are always those of their ancestors. At least, children, who are directly linked to the throne, are given such names.

And so, it sometimes becomes difficult to call them by their name every time.

So, much like the rest of us, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has a cute little nickname for her second born, Princess Charlotte. Kate Middleton, reportedly, calls her daughter by ‘Poppet’.

Now, the question lies, how do we know this?

Just like the rest of us, the future Queen Consort did all her holiday shopping last minute. In fact, Kate Middleton was just yesterday, spotted at a British discount store called ‘The Range’.

The Range is a big store from where people can buy things from themselves. However, to our surprise, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at the store with her two kids, George and Charlotte.

And she, used a super cute nickname for Princess Charlotte.

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According to a customer, who was present at the time when Kate Middleton went last minute shopping, Sarah Daniels, the Duchess of Cambridge was heard saying “get up, Poppet” to Charlotte. 

It was because Charlotte was apparently sitting on the floor. This is especially sweet because the Duke of Cambridge, William has been known to call Kate “Poppet” before.

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So, clearly it’s a go-to term of endearment in the Cambridge family.

In other news, Prince George was also on this outing. And apparently, he showed a keen interest in something called ‘dinosaur slime’.

It’s unclear whether or not his mother, Kate bought him that slime. But, obviously it’s the most important thing of all this to give Prince George his slime.