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Kate Middleton is learning a new skill and it’s not what we expected.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has always been ready for whatever comes in her way. Since stepping into the royal family, she has inspired us all. 

Although, sometimes even the royals like to get their hands dirty.

In a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London, Kate Middleton revealed a new skill which she is still quite embarrassed about as it’s only early days.

According to some recent and special reports, while speaking to a member of staff at the museum, Kate revealed that she has started gardening.

Kate Middleton at the Museum.

Explaining why she chose to pick up the hobby, the royal explained that gardening was a kind of a family thing. As her grandmother loves any chance to be outdoors.

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Looking through letters written by her ancestors in the museum, she said:-

“I think I saw one of the letters that one of them wrote home asking for the cauliflower seeds”.

Laughing all about it, she then spoke about her early attempts in her own garden saying:-

“You should not see my cauliflowers. I’m still learning, you know”. Kate Middleton spent time in the museum learning about her ancestors. Those included three of her great granduncle’s who died during World War I.

Speaking about this tragedy, the Duchess of Cambridge was noted saying:-

“I am sure so many families had this type of letters and sad stories. Three brothers in such a short time”.

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However, Kate Middleton is now back.

She is completing her royal engagements having taken mid-term off to enjoy with her children. Kate will be joining her husband, Prince William as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next week.

All the young four royals will be attending the Festival of Remembrance service on Saturday, November 10.