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Kate Middleton was very jealous of Prince William and another woman.

Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for eight years. Now, they have a perfect life. But there was a time when the couple was not so happy.

A royal expert has revealed how Prince William hurt Kate during their break-up.

Kate has been romantically involved with William ever since the pair were students together at St Andrew’s University. They were married in a lavish ceremony in 2011. Since the, they have gone on to have three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and little Prince Louis.

However, the royal couple have not always had an easy relationship.

While the pair were still at university, in 2004, they decided to break-up. A royal expert has revealed that, during this trial separation, Prince William made Kate very jealous when it came to another woman. The Prince “hurt Kate deeply” during the split, author Katie Nicholl said in her book.

The source of the upset is believed to have another woman, Anna Sloan. Anna was just one of the reasons Kate Middleton was questioning her relationship with Her Majesty’s grandson. Kate worried William might have feelings for Anna. It was furthered when the heiress invited William to Texas on a holiday with some friends.

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The invitation came at a particularly difficult time.

That was because, William organised a boys-only yachting holiday in Greece. And, Kate Middleton was excluded from the holiday. Nicholl wrote: “Kate was beginning to question William’s commitment to their relationship. She also had her own creeping doubts about their future after St Andrews”.

“A number of things had caused her to question his commitment. Although, she had not raised them with him yet. One was William’s friendship with an American heiress, Anna. That time, Anna had lost her father, in a tragic shooting accident. And she and William had bonded over the loss of their parents”.

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Katie continued, saying:-

“When Anna invited William and a group of friends to Texas for a holiday, it hurt Kate Middleton deeply. She suspected Prince William might have feelings for the 22-year-old heiress. However, Anna was not the least bit romantically interested in William. The friendship was never anything more than just that”.

Things never went too far. In fact, Anna and her husband Eddie Smith went on to attend the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011.