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Kate Middleton News: Duchess puts an end to her pregnancy rumours!

Kate Middleton

In case you were wondering, if Kate Middleton is pregnant or not, well, she just confirmed that she’s definitely not pregnant with her fourth child.

During her most recent royal appearance, a visit to Hounslow for St Patrick’s Day parade, the Duchess sipped on Guinness to celebrate.

Many recent tabloid headlines have claimed that Kate was pregnant with royal baby number a four. There was a lot of speculation going on. This weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow.

They spent their Sunday celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Because she is a woman who makes wise decisions, Kate decided that green was the only colour to wear for her royal appearance. She opted for a bespoke, emerald green coat from Alexander McQueen. And completed with an adorable golden shamrock pin.

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It’s a traditional visit for the royal couple now and, as part of said tradition, it’s only right that the royal couple would kick off the celebrations in style with a sip of Guinness. However, this time last year, the royal bride was pregnant with Prince Louis during the visit, and substituted her pint for a glass of water instead.

Fans were waiting for a confirmation for so long.

With recent tabloid headlines in mind, royal fans waited with bated breath to see whether there might have been any truth to all these rumours. So, would Guinness be sipped in 2019? Well, the pictures speak for themselves, really.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate enjoyed her Guinness as much as Prince William. She basically single-handedly put an end to any current rumours, in regard with her fourth pregnancy, in just one fell sip.

However, tabloids haven’t stopped just yet.

According to reports, bookies recently revealed that the odds on Prince William and Kate Middleton having a fourth baby had been slashed. Odds are currently at 10/1 for Kate to welcome another child this year. While it’s 5/2 that she will announce a pregnancy at some point this year.

Either way, you can be sure it’s definitely not happening any time soon. Well, it’s a bit of a relief. We can barely handle the anticipation of the incoming Baby Sussex. So it’s for the best for all of our blood pressure levels that we do this one at a time.