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Kate Middleton pens down an emotional letter about motherhood.

Kate Middleton

The most important person in one’s life is mother. Everybody needs one. That mother, who guides you through your bad days and cherish every moment with you. 

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has opened up about being a mother in an emotion letter for Children’s Hospice Week.

Kate Middleton who recently welcomed her third born, Prince Louis Arthur Charles, got candid when touching on the moments she cherishes as a parent with Louis, George and Charlotte.

A letter that she wrote read:-

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“Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life. And, for me, as a mother of three children, it is the simple family moments like playing outside together that I cherish”.

“The theme of Children’s Hospice Week this year is, ‘Life’s Short’. And, I am touched that children and young people are sharing what they love the most in their lives. Also reminding us of how precious time is for everyone”.

The letter continued:-

“By supporting Children’s Hospice Week, we can actually help them spread joy and positivism across the United Kingdom. We can also urge everyone to make the most of the moments that matter”.

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“I hope you all will join me in supporting Children’s Hospice Week this year. Together, as a team, we can champion the vital role that children’s hospices play in helping seriously ill children. Also, the families to have more precious moments”.

Well, this letter surely said it that for Kate Middleton, it’s her family and spending time with them,  the most important thing. Ever since she has given birth to her kids, we have always seen Kate, enjoying herself with her kids and taking care of them.