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Why Kate Middleton certainly won’t be Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid?


In May 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married at Windsor Castle. But, the one question on everyone’s mind is what role Harry’s sister-in-law, Kate will play in the most awaited seasonal affair?

The answer to the question is here.

According to royal expert and author, Marlene Koenig, “we should not even expect to see Kate Middleton in the bridal party. This is mostly because, the Duchess of Cambridge barely knows Meghan”.

“Furthermore, she is the future Queen Consort when his husband, William becomes king after his father. Thus, she would unlikely be an attending person to another royal bride”.

Roles of maid of honor and bridesmaid are generally reserved for single ladies.

As Kate Middleton is already married, the only title she could hold is ‘matron of honor’. It’s almost the same as a maid of honor, except for ‘matron’. It refers to a married woman.

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Koeing added: “But it’s very much unlikely for Kate to do this. She was not a ‘matron of honor’, even at her sister, Pippa’s wedding. It is very much likely that Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge will be a page boy and a bridesmaid”. 

Surely, Kate Middleton chose to forgo the honor, so as not to overshadow her sister on her big day in May 2017. Royal author Judy Wade said.

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“Kate would always upstage her sister. It was indeed a tricky situation for Pippa. She would obviously want her sister by her side. But when your sister is a future Queen Consort, Its natural that she is going to upstage the ride and draw attention. But, Kate would want to be in the background as much as its possible for her.”

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The Duchess of Cambridge will certainly wish to stay out of the spotlight during Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding.

However, it is for sure that Kate and William’s adorable children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, will make a star like appearance. In England, the bride goes down the aisle first, followed by her bridesmaids or matron of honor and page boys holding the train.