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Kate reveals she loves spicy food but says William ‘struggles’ with spices


Who knew that Duchess Catherine is a fan of spicy food but her husband William “struggles” with spices?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, revealed this during her last trip to India in 2016.

So let’s take a major look back at the tour and see how the revelation happened? Prince William started the day by revealing that Princess Charlotte is showing promise of being a “very good footballer”, and his wife, Kate, told of their interesting tastebuds to guests during a Kensington Palace reception where they met with people from the two countries working or studying in the UK.

It was a shocking revelation for many royal fans as many thought that Prince William is more inclined toward spicy food as compared to Kate but it was completely opposite. Duchess Kate further added she enjoys eating yellow spicy curry with rice.

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Model Neelam Gill, whose family is originally from Punjab, said: “For my generation [William and Kate] have always seemed cool and approachable and I felt they were just that in person. “It was really sweet seeing them as a couple.”

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She added: “She told me that she loved Indian food so I told her that she’d be fine with the spices. “But William told me that he struggles with the spices so I told him to watch out. I told them to visit Rajasthan maybe another time because it’s really romantic.”

The couple also met with Syco executive Sonny Takhar who has managed One Direction and is involved with charity the British Asian Trust. The charity is helping organise a Bollywood evening at the Taj Palace Hotel on William and Kate’s first night in Mumbai on Sunday.

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Sonny said: “It would be remiss of them to go to India and not experience Bollywood culture because it’s such an important part of the cultural fabric of the country. “It’s fantastic they’re going to experience it.”

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