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One of Kate Middleton’s favourite hair products is less than £20.


It’s might be easy to imagine styling as the royals. But, it’s not at all easy to do so in real. And about the shiny hair? It’s a totally different story.

But, you can actually get her shiny locks without exceeding your financial limits.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s hair-care routine is indeed an affordable one. It also ignores the ‘professional stylist who travels everywhere you go’ aspect.

Kate Middleton does have a stylist to style her hair.

She is a royal after all, it’s obvious that she would have one. But does that mean that the stylist style’s her hair every time she steps out? Well no, that’s not the case here. She does have a hair-stylist but only for big and important events she has to attend.

According to some reports, Kate’s stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker shared the products she packs when travelling with the royal family in a regular public engagement. Luckily for all of us non-royals, the revelation got us to know that Tucker uses ‘Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom’  on Kate Middleton’s hair.

An amazing thing you might want to know?

This product is not at all expensive. It’s rather just for £18. It’s a styling cream formulated with the Sephora’s ‘Silk Groom’ technology which, in addition to

real silk, contains jojoba oil and proteins to keep strands strong and smooth. Besides, its total worth buying if you want Kate Middleton’s elegant waves.

Something about the brand’s fair and high quality products?

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If at all you are not happy or satisfied with the royal stamp of approval, the product also boasts some glowing online reviews. One Sephora user says: “If you want smooth and silky hair, this is exactly what you should look for in the stores. Unlike the other shine products in the market, it never looks heavy or greasy”.