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This is the only way that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will become Queen.

Queen Consort

Believe it or not, but deep inside we are all waiting for the moment when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, takes the British throne as King and Queen Consort.

 However, this can happen by only one way.

Queen Elizabeth has been holding onto her title since she was 25 years old. But, eventually, another heir will take the British throne in her place.

We’ve all followed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s love story. And so, it’s natural to be curious about whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will ever become King and Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

The short answer is it’s very likely that they will.

If Her Majesty the Queen was to retire, abdicate, or pass away, the line of succession shows that the Prince of Wales, Charles, would become the King.

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If one of those same events occurred to him, then Prince William would be next in line since he is Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s first born. 

Prince Charles is 69 years old, if and when he takes the throne, he’ll be the oldest heir to do so.

The moment Prince Charles sits on the British throne, he will making a history. He will be the first heir in the British monarchy to sit at the throne at the age of 69 or later.

The line of succession only includes blood relatives. And so, Kate Middleton would only become Queen if her husband, Prince William becomes the King.

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Although, to be precise, this would technically make her a Queen Consort. And that is because she’s the Queen through marriage, not blood. 

However, all this will happen when it’s destined to take place, till that time comes, we are thankful that we have such a great reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth.