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Duchess of Cambridge dazzles in daring dress at Warsaw party on Poland tour

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton feted Polish high society a few days back in a daring dress by one of the country’s top fashion designers at a garden party in Warsaw.

Kate Middleton was looking pretty in the sleeveless white number with a plunging neckline by Gosia Baczynska. She has been christened the “Sarina of the Polish fashion scene”.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of a low-cut dress came just after a week she wore a dusty pink custom-made Marchesa gown with a similar neckline for a state banquet.

Kate dazzled in a dress designed by a top Polish fashion designer at a garden party in Warsaw

The second in line to the throne, Prince William was clapped and cheered by the crowd as he addressed them in faltering Polish saying: “Good evening, we hope you have a nice party”. Furthermore, Prince William also talked about the country’s courage and fortitude and bravery in surviving centuries of assaults.

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William made a short speech to the 600 guests at the Queen’s birthday party event

“We in The Great Britain value our links with Poland enormously. We, the people of Great Britain admire Poland as a remarkable example of courage, fortitude, and resilience”.

“However, this country indeed has survived centuries of assaults on this land. Which included partitions that were designed to wipe you off the map of Europe”.

Also not to forget, Polish is now the second most spoken language in the United Kingdom. As with a generation of young people growing up who feel both British and Polish.

“Such links be it diplomatic, military or cultural, offers much promise and opportunity for the future”.



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