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Does this Kate Middleton clue, point to Meghan’s due date?


Meghan and Harry’s baby is due to be born this month. And Buckingham Palace have said all details are being kept quiet as per the couple’s wish.

However, there have been a lot of speculation going on. And the royal fans are so eager, that they are observing every detail quite precisely.

Duchess Meghan’s exact due date is unknown, with only snippets of information that Meghan herself told royal fans pointing to late April. Meghan has been on maternity leave since March 20. And her latest official royal engagement taking place just a day before that. 

However, through this period we can know many things.

Looking at the length of one royal’s maternity leave could point to when Meghan will give birth. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Kate began her maternity leave when she was pregnant with Prince Louis on March 22, 2018.

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One month and a day later she gave birth to her third born, on April 23, 2018. If Meghan has followed Kate’s lead with a month off for her maternity leave, this could mean Baby Sussex will be born on April 21, 2019. Should this be the date, Meghan and Harry’s baby would share his or her birthday with another very important royal.

So, whose birthday is it?

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It’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on April 21. And on that date, this year she will celebrate her 93rd birthday. Her great-grandchild could share this birthday, should Meghan give birth a month after her maternity leave began. However, there are factors which may mean this is not a reality.

One of them being the differences between the two duchess’s pregnancies. This is Meghan’s first child, whilst Prince Louis was Kate’s third baby. According to many reports, a firstborn baby has a 15 to 16 percent chance of being late. And nine or ten percent for other babies.