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Kate Middleton’s baby bump look bigger with her third pregnancy. Something suspicious?


Royal or not, this one thing is common and equal for all the mothers around the world. Seems like Kate Middleton just enter the PRO-STAGE of pregnancy.

Wondering what it’s all about? Here you go.

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Kate Middleton is expecting her baby number three, and after 2 previous royal pregnancies and births, she is on the pro list of mothers. Apparently, her body knows better what to do this third time of her pregnancy. The royal mother is eight months into her third pregnancy. While she looks pretty amazing, some have noticed that her baby bump looks a bit bigger this time.

According to Aly Dilks, Clinical Director at ‘The Women’s Health Clinic’ says:

“It’s not at all our imaginations that her bump does look bigger with her third pregnancy. And it’s all because of biology. Moat particularly, each pregnancy will have its own differences and similarities. But, we do expect women to have bigger babies with more and more children they have”.

She continued saying: “During the first pregnancy the body uses hormones to make changes to accommodate the baby. On the second child, the body has already changed”.

“The rib-cage widens up making the baby bump seem to grow more fast and rapidly. And about the third baby, it’s just muscle memory and the body knows just what to do for it”.

Which means, the rib-cage never goes back to normal?

Well, to answer that, it will not be the case. The body does accommodate itself and prepares itself for a baby, but goes back to the normal position too.

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This also means one more thing. What’s that? Well, it’s about wearing the maternity clothes for a longer period. But, when you are a royal bride and have unlimited maternity fashion options to choose from, it’s not such a big deal.