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The jewellery we hope to see at Prince Harry’s wedding: From Queen Elizabeth’s collection.

Queen Elizabeth

From heirloom tiaras to world-famous and precious diamonds, Queen Elizabeth’s collection is something to be envied for real. She has the most mesmerizing jewels.

Here are some of those precious jewels we can expect to see at the royal wedding.

Diamond fringe tiara.

This item is quite sentimental piece for the Queen. She wore this jewel at her 1947 wedding to Prince Philip. And it’s as fragile as it was on Queen Elizabeth’s wedding day. It even broke before the ceremony and had to be quickly repaired.

Grand Duchess Vladimir of Russia tiara.

It is a diamond-and-pearl tiara. This piece originally belonged to Grand Duchess Vladimir, the aunt of Nicholas. He was the last tsar of Russia.

She was temporarily separated from the tiara after fleeing to St. Petersburg during the Russian Revolution. But, she was reunited with the piece a few years later when a British Secret Intelligence Service member rescued her jewels from Russia.

After all that, she gave the tiara to her daughter, Princess Nicholas of Greece. She then sold it to Queen Mary after her mother’s passing. When Queen Mary died, Princess Elizabeth inherited it and still wears it today.

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Granny’s chips. 

It is also known as the Cullinan III and Cullinan IV. These two stones weigh a massive 94.4 and 63.6 carats. And, if held together, they make a brooch.

They were lovingly and often worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother. And so, this is the reason they earned the nickname, Granny’s Chips.

King George IV state diadem.

This particular jewel was created way back in the 1820’s for the coronation of King George IV. Now, people may recognise it from the State Opening of Parliament. Queen Elizabeth wore it in the procession to the event every year.

Lover’s knot brooch.

This is an over-sized brooch. It features diamond set in silver and gold. It is formed in a bow shape, and is another piece from Queen Mary’s collection that Queen Elizabeth inherited after her death in the year 1953.

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Nizam of Hyderabad necklace.

This Cartier-crafted piece was given to Queen Elizabeth as a wedding present by one of the dignitaries of that time. It was seen a few months ago on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate during an event at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Queen Mary Diamond Stomacher.

This piece is one of the most beautiful stomachers. It is best described as an enlarged brooch worn on the front of a dress. Queen Mary handed it down to her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth.

It was handed down as a wedding present back in 1947. Although, due to a huge change in the fashion industry, the entire stomacher is rarely worn today.