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Did you know this interesting thing about Queen Elizabeth when she was a young girl?


Being not just a royal but The Queen must bring you a lot of luxury and easy life. Having leave her duties towards the public? It wasn’t Queen Elizabeth’s cup of tea.

She had a priority list, which had her duties towards her people at the first place.

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Not only did she work and full-fill her duties when she became the Queen, but she did it even when she was just a Princess. When Elizabeth turned 16, the Princess registered herself with the Labour Exchange. It was the British employment agency at that time.

She was also interested in joining the women’s armed forces. Reports say, her father, King George VI was quite reluctant on her doing the job. But, he relented in the year 1942.

When Elizabeth finally joined the services.

Once in the services, she learned how to change a wheel, deconstruct and rebuild engines and drive ambulances and other vehicles too. However, unlike the other members of the services, Princess Elizabeth returned to her royal residence, each night.

In March of 1945, a truck mechanic in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, based at the Mechanical Transport Training Section, Camberley, Surrey, received a surprise visit from her parents and her sister. The important and exciting part? Her parents just happened to be King George VI and the Queen, and her sister was Princess Margaret.

That truck mechanic was Princess – later, Queen Elizabeth.

Joining the ATS as an honorary Second Subaltern, Princess Elizabeth achieved the rank of honorary Junior Commander within five months of her services. Most of the time there, she was seen helping others and teach others on how to work.

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An important fact: One of Elizabeth’s major joys was to get dirt under her nails and grease stains in her hands, and display these signs of labour to all her friends.