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Inside the private life of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip.


The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip is 98 years old now. All his life, he was there for his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth. He sacrificed his life for her.  

Prince Philip is indeed a man of honour.

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In the year, 1972.

Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with their children Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, and Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace.

In the year, 1983.

The Queen with Princess Anne, Prince Phillip, Princess Michael of Kent, who is also a member of the British royal family. He is married to Her Majesty’s first cousin.

Also with the Queen, there were Peter Phillips, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London. 

In the year, 1997.

Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Spencer the younger brother of Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles followed the coffin of Princess Diana at her funeral. This funeral was the most-watched funeral in the world.

In the year, 2002.

Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince Philip in front of Prince Harry, Peter Phillips, Tim Laurence, the second husband of Princess Anne, and Prince Charles headed to church service on Christmas Day at Sandringham Palace.

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In the year, 2011.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry were waiting for the Duke of Cambridge, William and his royal bride, Kate’s arrival on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their wedding ceremony.