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Inside the life of Diana before she became a royal.


Diana’s life was never far from royalty even before she married into the royal family. Though, there was still a huge difference between her two lives.

Princess Diana was born in the shadows of royalty.

Diana was christened on August 30th, 1961 at St Mary Magdalene Church at a font where several royal infants had also been baptised. One of her godmothers was Lady Mary Colman, a niece of the Queen Mother.

This was just the beginning.

In fact, Diana’s brother, Charles was a playmate of Her Majesty’s younger children, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. who were a similar age to her. But the rural idyll of her Norfolk childhood was shaken in 1967 when her parents separated.

Her mother’s relationship with Peter Shand Kydd caused controversy, and a bitter divorce was finalised in 1969. John eventually won full custody of his children.

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By this time, Princess of Wales was at school.

Her early education had taken place at home, under the supervision of her governess, Gertrude Allen. Then she went to two Norfolk schools. The first was Silfield, where she was a day pupil and Riddlesworth Hall, where she boarded.

In 1975 her father became Earl Spencer, and the family moved from Park House in Northamptonshire. Having spent months trying different jobs, Diana found work as a teacher’s assistant at the Young England School in Pimlico.

It was her final job before the royal life beckoned.

Diana took up the post in 1979, and the following year, she found herself as a guest at a country house party. That party was also attended by the Prince Charles. The two had met before but this encounter, was the beginning of their relationship. 

Charles began to court Diana with trips to Cowes and Balmoral as well as dates in London. Soon, the street outside Coleherne Court was world famous as the press photographers, tried to catch a snap of her. 

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The links between the Spencer’s and the Windsor’s were already well established.

Diana’s mother had lived in Park House herself as a child as her family were close to the royals. The engagement announcement came on February 24th, several weeks after Charles had proposed.

And Diana appeared before the cameras as a royal bride in waiting just hours later…

Her life outside royalty formally came to an end on July 29th, 1981 when she married Prince Charles in the most famous wedding of the 20th century. She then began a role that would make her the most photographed woman in the world.